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    Promotion in China
        We can help you find potential customers or future partners in China.
        You may have seen the great success of many international enterprises in China and may have acknowledged the importance of the Chinese market to your business. However, your hasty entry in China implies not only the employment of personnel, rental of office or plant etc., but also the huge expenses and large market risks. Or you simply want to look for some business partners in China. For it, you should first of all know China, including the policies and market. Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you! All you have to do is tell us your detailed requirements and objectives. We can deliver to you the industrial report, trade information, potential customer list, China market analysis etc., all accomplished by the professional teams organized by us per your exclusive requirements.

    Individual Line Service
        Under your authorization and approval, we can assign an individual phone line and special personnel for you during a certain specific period of time on behalf of your agency to handle the affairs in China.
        You could enjoy considerable savings in office & hiring overheads if we handle these matters on your behalf in China. We may be able to reduce your costs substantially by taking over many of your existing tasks. If you are interested in this method, please let us know your requirements. We would be happy to discuss these with you.

    Business Trip in China
        Are you planning a business trip to China? Don’t want to settle for the only expensive options your local travel agents have? Fed up of paying huge surcharges to them? We have the solution! We can book the hotel room within your budget for you. We can also arrange taxi services if you are worried about the language barrier. We’ll of course be happy to tell you after your business trip where to go shopping and where to go if you want to try out Chinese food.

    Package Solution/Outsourcing solution
        Now that you’ve read our brief introduction above, you may have found out that what we can do for you is more than translation. Your demand may be flexible, you can contact our service staffs by mail/telephone or just pay us a visit. Show us your detailed requirements and our staffs who take English and Chinese as working languages will offer you a tailored package solution for you.

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