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    Thank you for choosing us. Before you entrust us to do a translation work, please read carefully the following:

    1、Doing translation is a very hard job, a kind of recreation of the language. Computers cannot replace high qualified translators. Please make your arrangements as early as possible so as to give us sufficient time to allow us ensure the high quality of the translation work. Of course, we are available to have the file translated as express case, however 30% to 80% of additional fees will be charged.

    2、You are required to provide us a clear and original file. Our translation will be done subject to the original file provided to us. In case your file is modified, partly deleted or extended, a written notice is necessary. However, no amendment is allowed to the part already translated. Additional fee will be charged for the part added or amended, and the delivery time will be postponed accordingly.

    3、No translator is perfect, nor is any translation company. Translation files refer to a wide range of industrial fields. Theoretically, no translator can deliver his job directly without any single error. Therefore, we are trying our best to avoid such errors through our perfect support system, operational procedure, and a constant contact with you during the whole translation process, in order to define some ambiguous words or phrases under discussions together with you. Besides, please try to provide us the necessary reference materials, such as relevant files, abbreviations, specific idioms, name of persons, name of places etc. in order to facilitate the task of establishing your professional term bank, manage the glossary, guarantee the consistency of terminology and improve our translation quality.

    4、We are only responsible for the accuracy of the translated work, and free from any liability for the source, content and purpose of the original file as well as any direct or indirect results caused thereof by use of the translated version. 5、We keep confidential all the original, translated files and the commercial information contained thereof of the customer. We make it clear that we are not entitled to any use right and ownership of the intellectual property of the translated version after your payment to us.

    6、lease let us know in advance any special requirement in confidentiality, so we can do it by reducing our translators involved in the task, destroying relevant files and signing additional confidentiality agreements (as per the provisions and negotiations described in the contract of both parties).

    7、No matter how careful you are, a mistake can always slip in. Due to any possible personal misunderstanding to the original file or individual habit of expressions, you may feel dissatisfied with some details. In this case, we can make some improvements for you free charge. However, this won’t exempt you from your liability to pay the translation fee stipulated in the contract. For any major problem of quality, you are required to raise your objection within 5 days upon delivery of the task, otherwise it constitutes your waiver of the claim.

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